Maggie Valley North Carolina

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Maggie Valley North Carolina, where the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Great Smoky Mountains and your adventure begins.

Surrounding Maggie Valley is nature's splendor. Being a Valley, it is wrapped by two mountain ranges, The Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge. With the National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway at our doorstep, you will have access to two of the three most treasured attractions in the U.S. Park system.

You will find the charm of a small town that is void of the crowds and the neon of other tourist towns, Maggie Valley North Carolina is a peaceful destination to launch your vacation day trips. If nature is king, then hiking is an invitation to get an audience.

Park the car and take a hike. Pick your ability and find the perfect trail to enjoy. And if cruising is more your style, the area features some of the most scenic rides in the country. In conclusion Waterfalls, views, history and more await.

Maggie Valley Hotels and Motels, Cabins, Vacation Rentals, the best the valley has to offer, so you will stay in comfort and style while you enjoy nature's grand showcase.

Some of our favorite things to do in Maggie Valley NC

Elk Watching

It wasn't that long ago there were no elk in the Smoky Mountains and Maggie Valley NC. Hunted out of existance before the turn of last century the elk once flourished in the Mountains and valleys. A decade ago the National Park along with the Rocky Mountain Elk Association decided to reintroduce to the Cataloochee Valley area of the park. Since then the population has thrived and grown in numbers to where it is not an uncommon sight to see them in and around Maggie Valley, North Carolina. The best place to see then with constistancy is still in the open pastures of Cataloochee Valley at sunrise and sunset.

Cruising The Blue Ridge Parkway

It's like having a rollercoaster in your backyard whenever you want to use it. The twist and turns, rises and falls of the Blue Ridge Parkway makes it one of Americas' favorite drives year after year. Though you can take the drive all the way to Virginia, some of the best points of interest and views are located in our neck of the woods. Waterrock Knob is your first destination close to Maggie Valley with ridge-top views from the parking area and a short hike to the knob with 360 degree views of the Smoky Mountains. Other spots to stop along the way are Graveyard Fields with it's trails and waterfalls, Devils Courthouse, Mount Pisgah and the highest point on the Parkway. Set aside plenty of time, becuase it the the trip, not the destination that's special.

Take a hike

Theirs nothing like a walk in the woods to clear your head. The sounds of birds and creeks rushing by, the solitude, and of course the exercise. Some of the best hikes are near Maggie Valley including the Appalachian Trail. Some of our favorites include the Smokemont Loop Trail (7 miles of low elevation, relativly speaking) crossing streams and navigating roller coaster like curves, accessable from the Smokemont Campground, Andrews Bald Trail (2 miles out and back high on the spine of the border between North Carolina and Tennessee) accessable from Clingman's Dome Parking Area . Rainbow Falls Trail to Mountain Leconte (not for the couch potatoes, 2 miles to the spectacular falls and another three to the summit for the brave) accessable from the Gatlingurg Loop Road.

GPS coordinates:

35°30′52″N 83°4′1″W

Maggie Valley NC location sits at the convergence of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

 The Valley offers a southern glimpse of  a true season climate in the heart of the south. Maggie Valley is a unique point on the map for the visitors seeking adventure. Like a center of a spoked wheel. Easy drives to Gatlinburg, Cherokee, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and Asheville. To the south, you’ll find the land of the waterfall in Transylvania County. Maggie Valley is a great escape from the heat of the south without having the long haul of traveling way far north. Unlike the tourist mecas of surrounding communities, Maggie is a throw back to the past. A time when the attraction of the mountains themselves was what people sought. The surrounding mountains rise above 5000 feet in elevation. Cataloochee Ski Area tops out at above a mile in elevation. Snow during the winter is common especially at the higher elevations so if you come to experience the true spirit of the mountains come prepared.

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